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HKRS Hat Features: Form and Function

Our collection of hats goes beyond mere headgear – each piece is meticulously crafted to enhance your fishing experience. From moisture-wicking technology that keeps you cool under the sun to innovative designs that shield your eyes from glare, our hats are tailored to meet the unique demands of fishing enthusiasts. Whether you're casting a line in freshwater lakes or navigating the open sea, our hats are not just accessories; they're essential companions for avid anglers.

HKRS Rainwear: When the forecast calls for rain you know that means two things: no traffic on the lake and top water bites. This hat is made with Aquaguard DriMax fabric to make sure your head stays dry.

HKRS Classy Cork: This hat's brim is made of cork so it floats in the water. Never worry about losing your hat to the bottom of the lake again. It also serves as a handy spot to keep a hook when you need a free hand.

HKRS Army Edition: Every panel of this hat is made with UV Resistant material so it won't fade in the hot sun. The black stays black and won't turn a shade of brown.

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